On-Demand Video - Studio63

A Truly Unique Way to Capture Your Wedding Memories

When we talk to our brides about video coverage of their wedding, they always tell us that  videography is too expensive,  and no one really has the time to  watch a 1-hour wedding video of the full wedding.  But despite those challenges, most brides would love to have parts of their wedding, such as their ceremony, captured in full-color video.

Studio 63 now offers a unique video package in which you can choose the parts of the wedding that you want captured in video.  We call it "On-Demand Video" . The concept is easy . . . you can choose to only have the ceremony captured in video,  or just the first look or the first dance or the toasts or the cake cutting.  The price you pay depends on the number of segments you want. The first video segment is $300.  Each additional segment is $75. Each segment is captured in High Definition video with sound.  

To find out more about this unique offering, click on this link, or call us at 267.642.0148.

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