On Your Wedding Day You Want Perfection . . . How About Seventy 5-Star Reviews of Perfection?

Your decor, dress, flowers, and cake can all look perfect on the day of your wedding, but it's the skillful shooting, subtle lighting, thoughtful composition, and the fly-on-the-wall discretion that will shape your memories as you look back at your magical wedding day through your stunning wedding pictures. It's the meticulous planning that you and your photographer did before the wedding that enabled those once-in-a-lifetime memories to be captured.

At Studio 63 we are proud to have more than seventy 5-Star Reviews . . . in fact, every wedding we have ever shot has resulted in a 5-Star Review. We don’t approach weddings with a formula in mind; we look for the in-between moments, like a bride getting ready with her bridesmaids, phoning her to-be husband to tell him she loves him, and the one last kiss before a father gives his daughter to her new husband. These are the moments we see as opportunities to freeze-in-time the memories you will treasure forever. We capture the romantic, the serious, the playful and the unsuspecting moments of your day.

By choice, our schedule is limited as we only shoot a few weddings a year. We do that so we can focus on you and your unique wedding. Whether it be a large, eloquent wedding,or a simple beach wedding you will have our undivided attention, detailed planning and easy-going personalities . . . those things that our brides want and appreciate most.

We are currently reserving dates for 2020 and 2021. Contact us to see if we are available for your magical day. No matter what the setting, we will make your wedding a wedding of distinction. Contact us today to see if your date is available.

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