Frequently Asked Questions About Your Family Beach Photoshoot

Studio 63 is regarded as one of the leading wedding and portrait photography companies in the New York / New Jersey / Pennsylvania areas. We are a family owned and operated company with high standards for customer service, integrity and value. Our photography can be classical, innovative and artistic depending on the look that you want. We are rated as preferred, 5-star photographers on the wedding planning site, The Knot.  To see what our clients say about us please click on the What Our Clients Say About Us link at the top of this page .

What is included in my family beach shoot?

Your family beach shoot includes:

1. A 1-hour fun-filled shoot at an LBI location of your choice

2. A minimum of 35 enhanced images

3. A private web page where your images are displayed

4. An online video album with a minimum of 35 of your images choreographed to music

5. Discounts on prints and other photography products

What are enhanced images?

Although we try to get your images perfect in the camera as we shoot, we sometimes will tweak color, shadows and clarity to make your images even better.

Are enhanced images the same as edited images?

No, enhanced images involve minor adjustments in color, shadows and clarity while edited images involve significant changes in the images such as changing people’s faces, adding people, deleting unwanted objects, etc.

What is an online video album?

A video album is a motion slideshow that is produced from images from your shoot. We take 35-45 of your images and choreograph them to music. The finished product is available online for a period of 3 months in a 720 HD format. A 1080 HD format copy is available for you to purchase as an option. Our clients LOVE their video albums!!

What is the cost of a shoot?

A Studio 63’s family beach shoot is $225.00. Shoots with more than 15 people are $250.00.

Do we need to make a deposit to secure the date for my shoot?

We do not require a deposit for your family beach shoot but should you need to change your shoot we encourage you to let us know as soon as possible.

What determines the best time to shoot?

The best times to shoot on LBI in the morning are within an hour of sunrise and in the evening, within one hour of sunset. This allows us to shoot within what photographers call “the golden hour”. During this time the light is best for dramatic images. Shooting during that time also reduces glare which causes people to squint while being photographed. Generally during the months of June we start our morning shoots around 7 am and our evening shoots at 7:00 pm. In July and August, we move those times to 7:30 am and 6:30 pm.

What should we wear for our shoot?

There are no set rules about what to wear for your shoot. Many families color coordinate and wear all the same colors while others wear contrasting colors. It is best to avoid wearing clothing with stripes and prints as these do not show up well in beach photographs. Pastel colors work well as do white shirts and blouses.

What LBI beaches are the best to shoot at?

There is hardly a bad beach to shoot at on Long Beach Island. Some of the better beaches to shoot at are those that have split rail fencing bordering the entrances. Ask us about the best beach to shoot near where you are staying.

Do we have to shoot our family beach portrait on the beach?

No, you can choose to shoot at sunset at one of the gazebos on the island or at the Barnegat Light Lighthouse.

How will we be able to see our images?

After the shoot our team will enhance your images and then create a webpage where they will be displayed. Your webpage can be password protected so that only those that you give the password to will be able to see them. Once the images are uploaded to the webpage Studio 63 will email you the directions on where to find your images. Please be sure to tell your photographer whether you want your webpage private or not.

What can we do with our images?

Once your images are uploaded to your webpage you can view them and you can download them to your computer, smart phone or tablet. You can then use these images as you want. For example, you can post them to social media or you can download them and take them to your favorite photo center to get printed.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer cash or checks (made payable to Studio 63)

What other purchase options do we have?

There are several options available to maximize your summer family beach shoot.

1. You can order prints through us.

When you order prints through us we further enhance the images before we print them. We always use top-quality luster professional photography paper to ensure that your pictures will resist fading to keep their vivid color longer.

Print Prices

4 x 6        $4.00

5 x 7        $8.00

8 x 10      $15.00

16 x 20    $54.95

2. You can purchase canvas wall hangings from us. Canvas wall hangings made from your images create beautiful décor for your home. Canvas prints make wonderful gifts for parents and grandparents. Prices vary depending on size. Please ask for a quote.

3. You can purchase a High Definition copy of your Family Beach Portrait Video Album. As part of your base package we will produce for you a beautiful online video album of your photoshoot. That video, produced in 720 HD format, will be available for you and your family and friends to view for 3 months from the day of your shoot. If you would like to purchase a better quality, 1080 HD version of that video to keep forever, you can purchase it through Studio 63 at a cost of $50.00.

Why is it best to get our prints from Studio 63?

Although you can download your images from your webpage and take them to your favorite print center to get prints made we encourage you to get your family portrait prints through Studio 63. We use top quality professional paper that resists fading so that your images will keep their original appearance longer than those that you would get at a discount center.

How long will we have to wait to see our images?

Most often we will get your images onto your webpage within three days although that depends on a number of factors including how many images we took during your shoot and the number of shoots that we are working on.

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