Enhancing Backgrounds

Want to have that high-fashion look in your portrait?  Want to have your portrait taken in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Want to be in the mountains, at the beach or at a historic site?

Studio 63 Photography,through the magic of digital photography, can take your picture in your home or at our studio and then change the background to make it look like the picture was taken somewhere else.

Ask us about how you can take advantage of this wizardry.

Using the magic of digital photography, Studio 63 Photography can create many different looks from the same image by changing backgrounds.  From the original picture (on the far left above) we created the sporty Ferrari look, the spotlight look in the middle, the white smoke look and the fireworks look on the far right.

We can create this magic for your images as well and create multiple looks or transpose you to a completely place.

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