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About Your Family Beach Shoot

Your family beach shoot  includes a private webpage gallery that will enable you to view, share, enhance, and download images from your photoshoot. All of the images on your password-protected  webpage will be fully enhanced and ready for you to display on your digital devices or get printed. (Studio 63 can create gorgeous metal, acrylic or canvas wall hangings for you at a discounted price.)

Tips For a Fun-Filled Family Photo Shoot

1. Arrive on time.  Your shoot begins at the time of your scheduled appointment.

2. For the best look, wear solid colors.  Pastels (like blues and pinks and yellows) and white colors show up best against the white sand and the blue ocean.

3. Studio 63 has the right to cancel or postpone your shoot due to weather, wind,  bugs, or other conditions that may jeopardize  your shoot. Efforts will be made to reschedule.

4. If you have young children in your shoot, please bring a blanket and age-appropriate toys as props for the shoot.

5. Studio 63 cannot be responsible for the behavior or mood of your children.  If your photos show a crying child, plan on showing the photo to them when they are 18!

6. Make a list of the group shots you want (who will be in each of the groups)  ahead of time and bring the list to your shoot.  Have one (1) person in charge of getting people in and out of the shots. The more organized you are before the shoot, the more pictures can be taken in the allotted time and the more fun it will be!

7. Your payment (cash) is due at the end of the shoot.

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